What is a Business Loan, and How Does it Work?


There are many struggles in handling business, especially with the current economic state. A company may encounter several difficulties during its run that have the potential to hinder its growth and progression, such as lawsuits, defamation, slow patronage, poor cash flow, profit loss, bankruptcy, etc. The whole nine yards. These companies often have to respond to these situations by applying for a corporate loan or business loan to give them a fighting chance to secure their future.

Here are numerous other reasons why companies may apply for a loan:

  • Operation expansion
  • Staff hiring
  • Investments
  • New Projects
  • Moving to a new location
  • Paying unpaid invoices
  • To improve cash flow
  • Equipment upgrade or update
  • Increasing inventory

What is a Business Loan Counter?

Loaning Money

A business loan counter like Yrityslaina is considered by many companies a life savior or miracle provider, as they are able to provide businesses with financial support that is relatively quick and easy to obtain. A corporate loan that banks and other financial institutions offer is harder to get through due to their stringent regulations and requirements, i.e., excellent credit score no lower than 700, prospective annual report, some form of collateral, no past record of bankruptcy or in debt status, etc.

How Do Business Loan Work?

Loan Agreement

Usually, the flow goes like this. A company intends to make a loan, a lender who has the funds offer capital to the company to either run it or start one. Lenders profit from repayment with added interest and fees (the interest rate may vary depending on the made agreement). Companies use the acquired financial support to make themselves profit and meet the regularly scheduled repayment (can be in installments or a lump sum repayment, depends on the agreement).

How Business Loans Can Benefit You?

By applying for a business loan, your company is getting a good share of capital that can open many doors for your next course of action. You will be able to secure your company’s business operation, or hire new potential and talented staff for your company, or even expanding it. We’ve gathered this list of benefits that you will get from taking a business loan:

  • You maintain control over your company as your lender does not run it.
  • The interest rate is relatively low, thus making repayment easier even for small businesses.
  • A fixed interest rate will enable business owners to budget and plan their repayment without considering the interest rate fluctuation.
  • In the event of bankruptcy, the owners themselves will not be financially bankrupt because the loan is loaned to the company. This means that should the company declare bankruptcy, it will be liquidated to make repayments, so the owners are safe since the debt doesn’t have to be paid.


Applying for a business loan can be your saving alternative or downfall, depending on your financial planning itself. The key is to do good financial planning that will keep your business on its feet. Either you want to expand your business or escape from debt, always seek professional counsel from experts before applying for a business loan.