Insurance Requirements for a Welding Business

professional welder

A professional welder should be certified by the relevant government agency. Welding, like any given business, requires a lot of planning and need for insurance. Getting welders insurance is vital before you even start joining metals for money. As you know, there is risk everywhere. When it comes to metalwork and fabrication, there are many risks. You should not underestimate your working environment. Therefore, you should get welders insurance. These are types of insurance cover options a welding business needs.


welder at workAs a professional welder, you expose yourself to liability whenever you are working. The customer purchasing your services expects you to offer a given level of professional competence. If you make mistakes, you may end up being charged for professional malpractice, which means you are responsible for injuries or damage to property. Therefore, you need liability insurance for your mobile welding business.

Commercial Property

The truth is that a welding business requires a lot of equipment and machinery to carry out its operations. Loss of equipment can affect the ability of your business to survive. You need commercial property insurance to protect your tools and equipment. The insurance will cover replacement costs and maintenance costs if the tools and equipment are destroyed or damaged.

Automotive Insurance

A reputable welding business should have vehicles for transporting equipment and tools to different locations. Therefore, you need an automotive insurance policy to offer adequate protection to the business. Depending on the value and age of the vehicle, you may need to get comprehensive insurance.

Worker’s Compensation

If your welding business hires several employees, then you need a worker’s compensation insurance policy. Remember that welding injuries can occur and they can be severe. This type of policy will cover the loss experience and pay for treatment and injuries sustained.

Surety Bonds

weldingA reputable welding business that offers contract work for other businesses and the government may be required to provide a surety bond. Ideally, this is an insurance cover that business owners buy to guarantee their clients that they will fulfill the requirements of the contract. When your welding business fails to honor the contract, it loses the surety bond.

You should note that welders insurance covers a wide range of dangers you may be unaware of. For instance, it will cover the workers for damage and injuries. Remember to use personal protective equipment when welding; otherwise your insurance cover can be void. Also, make sure you protect the property near you.